Movie Weekend

I went to see Paranormal Activity with my boyfriend on Saturday and Where The Wild Things Are with Sabrina today! Good weekend (: First off, Paranormal Activity;

It was MESSED. And they are making CRAZY money with this movie. So I'm going to have to say, it's definately not 'the scariest movie ever' and to be honest, I wasn't scared at all (Made me laugh more actually LOL) But it's like "What. The. Hell." It was overall alright.

Now to Where The Wild Things Are. This was such a good movie! I loved how the monsters (?) represented Max's different traits. The kid is charming (yay good actor choice). And everything just.. fit. It's excellent.

I also got my side labret done but I still haven't taken a good picture with it so when I get around to that, I'll definitely update! But I'm so far LOVING the piercing (: And I haven't been taking much pictures.. I'll have to start with that again damnit. Here's a random picture of Clinton.

Love love !

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