I'm contemplating coming back to this blog once again!

Decided to randomly come back to it and man, there are so many memories in this blog. I had left this blog abandoned because I started getting busy with school and didn't ever really have the time to update as often as I used to, and I guess I never really came back to it.

I'm graduated now though!❤

So I'm not doing much except working a little bit, which isn't much at all - So I think I might start updating here again. We shall see!



I've moved my blog to




Hello hello dear friends, followers, and blog surfers.
I'm going to have to post an announcement that I'm going to be
temporarily abandoning
my blog, once again (I've done this once before)

I may or may not post again in the future,
but thanks everyone for reading all I've posted and everything
Ameiro Aozora has been up for more than a year
and I've had tons of fun blogging (:

So I hate goodbyes, but thanks everyone!
You may possibly hear from me in the future xx
buh byee!

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