Costume musts of this year >:] Pirate child, Santa child, and Lolita kimono child! In the order of Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. I are excitedz! My mom might contribute in home-making.

Classic, simple Santa :3

Lolita kimono dress rofl.

More dress hahe

Extreme quick sketch lol.

I'm also guilty for wanting to do either a Hatsune Miku or Akita Neru cosplay ONCE in my life. Me and Scotty were talking about this. Maybe for a Seattle Sakura-Con.

Akita Neru cosplay (GOOD one.)

Hatsune Miku cosplay (this too.)

And speaking of costumes and kimonos... The girl running for Miss Universe for Japan... Oh my. I have no idea what they were thinking. See for yourself:

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Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

Go to anime expo 2010 in LA next year. :D
I made a mistake earlier and had to delete a comment <_<

Seaoreo said...

Don't you hate it when websites show deleted comments as "DELETED COMMENT"s? >:0 And LOL, LA! TOO BIG! Seattle is the farthest I'm gonna get T__T

Yeonie said...

In the last picture, the chick looks like she has messed up legs.
Or am I just seeing things bad ?

Seaoreo said...

lol idk, but she has rather fat lags to be miss japan / universe lol.. ahh the balance is just soo baaad rofl.

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