NYX / X23 Review

Guilty - I've honestly read X23 about 8 times now.
Favorite comic book ever as of the moment; It's real good.
I was actually quite surprised.

The story is generally about X23, a mutant child - created to be a weapon. She has the same mutation as Wolverine except she has two claws on her hands and one on each of her feet. (There's a story behind that too; the scientist Zander Rice, one of the creators of X23, was the son of Rice D. who had (created? and) been killed by Wolverine. So assuming Zander's intention was to get revenge.)

It's really good because it's not all just action destruction (though the bloody parts are damn wicked) they have bits that go really deep into human emotions. Personally, I'd say it's a must read.

Now onto NYX, Wannabe.

This one, I wasn't as stoked for. The idea of Marvel meeting the real life on the streets idea was really neat. Unfortunately, I think it wasn't put together as well as it could have been.

The story's about three mutated girls and a teacher, Kiden is able to stop time, Laura (X23) with her claws and combat skills, and Tatiana a girl who changes her form to an animal. The teacher is the only one who doesn't have a power.

My favorite character though, was one that was introduced much later in the story; a dude named Falon who is able to get his soul to leave his body and take over another person's. He seemed to have a history, a little brother who is unable to move or talk as if he is in a coma stage but Falon takes really good care of him nontheless. Unfortunately again, they never really got into his history or anything.

There could have been better character development, though there is a second series for NYW (No Way Home) but I doubt I'd read that one.

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