November Has Come

Huge disappointment; I never got Halloween pictures. I know, I'm MESSED UP! (Well, that's the thing though haha how I *was* messed up that night so.) I made a pretty good pirate that night though :'D

Well, actually I have random pictures from before the night begun. So, spare me with this one haha. I'll make up for the lack of pictures someday.

Hershey is fricken possessed.

Ahehehahea ♥

Sab's ghost cookie :3

Sab also gave me my belated Birthday gift from like a year or two ago on Halloween xD ! It's a picture she sketched, and daym. Daaayyymmm. I support her art FOREVER man.

She captured the 'Sea-ness' as she calls it, so perfectly in me. I need to hang that picture up on me wall (:

Random picture I sent to Clinton ;P

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