Quick Update

Apologies for not updating for a few days; I have no idea why! Actually, my next post was going to be pictures of my thrift store purchases from last weekend but I somehow never got around to it. Maybe because it's so gloomy these days (=natural lighting for pictures absent =C )

Updates as of right now; I'm currently at the school library so this is going to be quite a boring post. *you have been warned* I'm falling behind in school a bit so I'm getting help with some stuff in the next few days.

But of course, we mustn't forget about Halloween! I'll be a pirate and will celebrate in town with friends / sleep over at Sabrina's hopefully. DO leave a comment on what you're being / doing for teh Hallow's Eve! :D

Anywho, I'll go home and take pictures of the clothings and update that tomorrow. (Or hopefully I will) And will definitely take pictures on Halloween as well. TAH FOR NOW!

2 [comments]:

Adria said...

Pirate? Cool! I'm gonna be 1920's Flapper. :) Happy Halloween...

Seaoreo said...

Awesome!! That was one of my choices (:
So classy hehe, you too!
Have a good one :D

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