Guess what! I got a laptop! I guess I could say it was part of my birthday presents (except it wasn't actually... and we got a MAJOR deal on it. I won't say specifics cause I'll feel guilty all over again lmfao.) It's a Sony Vaio, a Japanese laptop.

It's shiny and nearly brand new, really. It's amazing !! So happy. The only bad thing is that it's in Japanese, has a Vista I can't replace (I prefer Windows XP) and has all these Vaio programs I'm seriously tempted to delete (/minimalist.)

And for the wallpaper, I love it even more :'D I've been going over a bit of a Cowboy Bebop craze and addiction. Aaah lovee. I love the series so much. Will look into the movie eventually.

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Adria said...

Cool!! I thought about getting a Sony Vaio, but i ended up with a Compaq. I love it! Hope you have fun with your new laptop!!! :D

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