Me and Sabrina decided to explore this one side of town we've never really gone today. Turns out there's a lot of pretty places. (Parks, beach, woods.) And I decided to pictures, seeing I haven't done that in a while!

(P.S: I absolutely hate how slow resizing updates are on Photobucket right now. If these pictures are still huge, come back later for actual smaller sizes, thanks/sorry! =__=)

Reminds me of Alice, Through The Looking Glass.

Such a perfect day.

Not sure what I was trying to do there tbh xD

Up, up.

We also went arcading, and had a really good time =3 ! And on the side note, the sun goes down real fast now that September's hit. Crazy. The sunset was real pretty when we were walking though.

Anyways, I think I'm gonna go arcading again tomorrow and I'll try to take pictures =) ! Cyuh for now, and much love!

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AnnaCleo said...

those are gorgeous pictures ^-^

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