I haate mosquitos! Mosquito season is brutal. So far I've gotten bitten 6 or 7 times. And it was one of those itchiness-wont-go-away-till-a-week-later ones. Oh and one's on my EAR LOBE. glaaaaaah!!

Well, speaking of earlobes, this Summer I might like to get my ears pierced. I don't have any at the moment and I know I don't suit lobe piercing but I think if i wear none-dangly ones it's all good. Tiny hoop and studs. Also I've been wanting a ... so what exactly do you call it. Cartilage? Helix? Upper? Pinna? When I look up parts of the ear, I get Helix or Rim. Anywho. I have to be 16 without parents permission sooo... cmmon Septemberrr!!!

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